B2C Marketing: What Does Work in 2020?

    While building your B2C marketing campaign, it’s easy to get lost in the vast majority of practices, routes, and aspects of building a strong presence on the market. So we prepared a list of some of the key areas every B2C marketer should remember about and put their effort into them.

    Speak visually – bring more visitor

    Content is the future. And content making is gaining more and more power as an effective marketing tool. But observing many successful brands makes it obvious that visual language is the key in the business-to-consumer marketing.

    Images, graphics, videos, animation – that’s what going to attract the most traffic. Creating visuals doesn’t have to be costly. Today there are so many resources and information available that statements that you don’t know something or can’t learn to do something sound silly.

    So whether you are branding yourself through social media, or it is a company where you want to see a boost in customers, it’s important to have lively, exciting and relevant visual content to help to convey your message and subsequently increase your conversions.

    Get personal in your email marketing

    Recipients will hardly be happy to receive an email with a dry, disconnected, robotic advertisement that they see and want to escape from on a daily basis.

    You need to build a connection with your audience. You can start by simply addressing them by their name and using the information you know about them to send only the things they might find interesting. Don’t forget that there are humans on the other side of the screen who want to be respected and noticed.

    Let’s get back on earth, and another thing about emails is that, despite all those things we discussed earlier about being a human in your email marketing, typos and mistakes are still a no-no. They can really make your potential client doubt the quality of your services and just ruin the overall impression for some people. Thankfully, there are free grammar checking tools as well as proofreaders and professional copywriters who know their craft and can make your texts shine on a page.

    Build your brand awareness

    Just selling without putting effort into increasing brand recognition may be financially beneficial in the short term, but in the long term, the forecast may be less optimistic.

    You want to be known around your potential clients, you want to be recognized among your target audience – that way you can avoid a one-time sale trap and build the community of loyal customers. 

    Best digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness include creating informational and fun-to-consume content and designs that would help to create a connection with your target audience. It is especially important in a personal social media strategy where people are expecting to be a part of the community; they want to know that they are directly supporting the person they like and that they have a personal connection. To sum up, they are just some of the areas that you might want to focus to increase your audience and converse rates for your B2C company in 2020, and, of course, there are much more aspects and strategies that can work for your type of business and bring the most success.

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