Branding and Marketing in 2020

    Having a vague marketing strategy is a perfect path to failure.

    It’s hard to broadcast whether the coronavirus pandemic is going to end soon or not, but we can already witness some devastating consequences caused by it. Businesses that rely on traditional marketing are not thriving during these times. Those who can’t adapt to the new digital space may as well drop out of the market.

    The effectiveness and benefits of digital marketing are quite obvious. People are spending more and more time online (especially during the quarantine), and increasingly fewer people are choosing traditional TV, radio, or print as a source of information and entertainment. Other than that, digital marketing has more than ever potential for effective targeting. You can understand your audience more and are able to make personalized offers. Monitoring the results and effectiveness of a marketing campaign became possible, and we can clearly see what works, to a what degree, and how, and adapt our marketing to whatever works better for our audience.

    Although, digital does not necessarily mean success. With huge possibilities of targeting and personalization comes more responsibility. You cannot hit a target with an arrow when your eyes are closed.

    Many experts are promising some incredible results and conversion rates through search engine optimization or SMM solely. But the reality is that focusing on just one tactic or campaign at a time doesn’t give substantial results.

    Looking at the examples of many successful brands, we can say that having a clear message, right branding, and a well-thought-out plan is what can result in long-lasting effects and growth.

    People nowadays are almost automatically scrolling past ads, there so many of them in the online space. And the competition for the customer’s attention only rises. If you don’t have a consistent plan, it’s extremely hard to stay afloat.

    Many companies and marketers often focus on wrong things. We are trying to follow every trend or hack algorithms to generate higher engagement. But, unfortunately, trends tend to give short-term results. And there is a huge possibility that many hacks and tricks that could work in the past do not have any power now, as policies are changing and platforms seek to fight exploitation of their algorithms. 

    What really could work is building a strong strategy.

     And if you are not satisfied with current results or you feel like you are ready to grow, the thing that you should probably start with is branding.

    Basically, a brand is how people see your company. Every marketing and design decision, among other factors, influences the perception of your business by the potential customer. When they hear your name or see your page online they have particular thoughts and attitudes, as well as emotions.

    With conscious efforts you can shape how people perceive your business. And that’s why we need a solid branding plan.

    Here is a list of tips and ideas that could serve as an inspiration on your marketing journey and help you build an effective digital marketing strategy for brand awareness.

    Show that you are the solution

    It’s one of the essentials of marketing, although sometimes it can be ignored: remember about the pain points. Your company is here to solve the customer’s problem. Don’t forget to include that in your advertising: express how exactly you can help.

    We can write long posts about how amazing and wonderful and special our product is, but in reality, if it has nothing to do with the real problem the customer has, then they would probably leave or ignore your message. They want to see the actual value of your product.

     Only highlighting the features and advantages of your product is not enough. They want to feel that your product connects with their values and is the solution to their problem.

     Clearly express how interacting with your products or services can change your customers’ lives. Try to think about what kind of changes in their experiences and everyday lives they are expecting and emphasize them in your positioning.

    Serve quality

    While the importance of high quality for products and services is rarely questioned, the quality of design and marketing pieces can be ignored surprisingly often.

    Read some tutorials or just look at the examples of national or international brands, you’ll see a good color palette. You’ll notice readable fonts. You’ll probably see clean shapes and lines.

    So try to be critical when it comes to marketing. When people see your brand, they should feel that they can trust you and that you are a professional or team of professionals. And that you are more than just a local DIY brand.

    Bring clarity

    The attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Short video formats are conquering larger audiences, and now it’s hard to imagine our lives without Instagram stories or TikToks (or previously vines).

    And surprisingly, nowadays people decide whether they like something or now pretty. A few first lines, a picture, first couple of seconds of the video, hashtag can be decisive when it comes to marketing and advertising in the 21st.

    If you are unable to catch the audience’s attention at the very beginning, you are very likely to fail.

    Can you clearly express the value of your product in eight seconds or less? If not, then it is something to work on.

    Make sure that you emphasize clarity when you are telling what your offer is. How exactly can your product or service benefit your customer?

    Think about consistency

    Being consistent with your marketing and design is very important if you want to make your brand recognizable. You can just look at all the previous materials and ask yourself “do they look like they belong to a single brand”?

    Viewers should clearly see and identify your logo. Be careful with your colors and work out a color scheme for your brand. (Don’t forget about typography!). It’s better to be pretty consistent throughout different social media channels.

    These few pieces of advice can help your company look more professional and make your potential customers want to trust you more.

    If you feel like you are stuck or you don’t want to risk your advertising investments when you don’t have enough marketing knowledge, reaching out to a professional online branding agency can be very beneficial.

    Your current strategy or ads doesn’t seem to give you any results while your business hugely relies on your own personality? Well, it may be the perfect time for reinventing your personal brand.

    To evoke positive emotions as well as trust with your brand is your main goal here whether you do it on your own through trials and errors or with the help of the professional team.

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