Instagram Stories: Ideas for Posting

Instagram Stories: Ideas for Posting

    Instagram social network is one of the world’s content providers with a total number of users exceeding 1 billion (500 million daily users). Whereas initially it was made to display photos only, today the information is presented in a variety of formats. One of the most effective tools for submitting info is Instagram Stories.

    It’s hard to imagine, but the same 500 million people almost every day publish Stories, bringing it to the audience of subscribers, friends, and acquaintances. This article will focus on Story posting as an effective tool for advertising and promotion on the pages of Instagram, which is of benefit for companies of various sizes.

    What it is and why effective

    Actually, Story is the same post with a difference that it is published in the header of the user profile. It can carry many tasks aimed at achieving one global goal – bringing the organization’s activities to the maximum possible level.

    A block with a story “lives” up to 24 hours from the moment of publication. It can also be included in a chronological set of stories that follow each other (as separate segments) as they are posted on Instagram. If the story is successful and can be relevant for a longer period of time, you can attach it to your profile on a permanent basis.

    Different formats of Stories

    Technically, Instagram is capable to support almost unlimited number of graphics formats (photos, videos) of posted stories. In view of this, you can create a variety of types of stories.

    For business pages of companies and specialists:

    1. With links to your own or other people’s sources (sites, pages, articles, other materials)
    2. Live broadcasts
    3. Polls and surveys
    4. Step by step instructions (each story block is 1 step)
    5. Announcements of events
    6. Contests and competitions
    7. Interactive activities
    8. Wishes and greetings
    9.  Class schedules, appointment lists for different services, a list of discount days in stores, etc.

    For selling pages:

    1. Presentations of goods and services (with and without links)
    2. Announcements of future products
    3. Various selling photos and videos
    4. Offers and Promotions
    5. Advertisement blocks

    Social stories:

    1. Feedback
    2. Process of production
    3. Backstage
    4. Photos of subscribers who bought the product
    5. Achievements of the company
    6. Photos from points of sale, offices, production facilities
    7. Corporate photos and videos

    Other types:

    1. Animated graphics
    2. Motivational stories
    3. Link to chat in Direct (personal messages for Instagram users)
    4. Offers to repost the information for its wider spread

    All in all, Instagram Stories is a functional platform for the realization of creative ideas. Competent actions of the owner of the page or a specialist engaged in its promotion will definitely lead to a positive result: audience growth, customer acquisition, increased demand for products, etc.

    Software for publishing Stories

    In addition to standard, Instagram users can apply various alternative software with extensive functionality when publishing Stories. All the different apps are aimed at giving users more opportunities to edit photo and video content using their PCs, iOS and Android-based gadgets.

    1. Unfold has all sorts of graphics templates for content design.
    2. Canva is a full-fledged graphics editor that allows you to customize the style of your brand.
    3. InShot crops your video for Stories format.
    4. Adobe Spark Post is a library of thousands of templates from a popular developer.
    5. Splice is an application for editing vertical videos.
    6. CutStory trims the video to the desired length.
    7. Hype-Type makes animated texts on your story.
    8. 8 mm give your story a unique retro style.
    9. Quick processes videos from GoPro action cameras for posting on Instagram.
    10. Magisto can process pictures from your gallery and create a video story.

    Invent and translate your ideas into reality using plenty of handy tools available in mobile software stores.

    To summarise

    Instagram Stories is a technology that can be effectively used to promote products and services of any company within social media promotion strategy. What you only need is to find a specialist who is competent in filling corporate accounts and personal pages with the necessary content. Achieving the desired result will be a trick!

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