Tips for Writing Good Instagram Copy

    Are you already exploring Instagram as a marketing channel? If not, you should! Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to promote business on social media. For those, who are already using it, you may already know about the importance of quality pictures on Instagram, but do you think a lot about captions? We brought you a few tips on how to step up your Instagram copy game.

    Visuals are the main driving force for Instagram marketing. But without good captions, Instagram posts cannot be complete. So understanding the principles of photography and video-making isn’t enough for creating an effective marketing campaign on the platform, one must also have some knowledge of how to write good content specifically for Instagram because the platform has its own unique features and aspects that one can’t ignore. And knowing how exactly Instagram works can help you to lower the cost of effective social media marketing.

     So how exactly can you write good captions? First of all, it’s necessary to change the attitude. Captions shouldn’t the thing we think about ten seconds before posting the picture. Caption is what completes the message or story you are telling with visuals and it influence your audience’s impression of your content.

    Now, let’s talk through some of the most important aspects of writing a good Instagram copy.

    Don’t be too quick

    Every material needs time to mature and takes more than one look to tell if it’s good. That works both in writing, comedy, and Instagram copy. Prepare several drafts and wait for some time. Share your ideas with the people around you, ask for their opinion.

    But isn’t Instagram all about immediacy and timelines? Well, with the new Instagram algorithm users more likely to see posts with more engagement first. So it’s important to craft a good caption that will impress your audience and make them want to engage.

    Start with what matters most

    Don’t forget that captions are cut to a few lines when they appear in the feed, and a user has to press “…more” to see the full text. Therefore you might want to make sure that the first lines of your captions are catchy and really scroll-stopping. Make it funny, make it unusual, talk about benefits, use what you can to catch your viewer’s attention.

    Add call-to-action

    What do you want your viewers to do after they read your caption? Answer this question and add some kind of encouragement to do something. Use verbs, “like this post, if you agree”, “tell us what you think in the comments”. That’s going to add to the engagement of your post.

    Ask to tag a friend

    Make more people see your content by asking your audience to tag a friend. But just saying “tag a friend” isn’t really enough, you need to inspire them to do so. Look at the example on the H&M Instagram page.

    “Tag your travel partner in crime!” – it’s kind of quirky, it appeals to feelings of affection, friendship, maybe it evokes some traveling memories people have had with their friends, so they would want to share this post with their friend.

    “Check the link in the bio”

    Instagram doesn’t allow adding direct links to the captions, so be sure to remind your audience to check out your bio link. And don’t forget to regularly update highlighting your new offers or content on other platforms.

    Don’t overuse hashtags

    Hashtags may be great for making your posts searchable and visible to people who haven’t subscribed to you yet, but usually, three hashtags are more than enough. Adding too many hashtags doesn’t make you look cool at all in the eyes of your subscribers.

    Some posts can go without any hashtags at all. If the content hits the spot, the absence of hashtags will in no way influence engagement with your post.

    But if you do want to add hashtags, think about what people are already posting. While writing a caption, you can type #, and Instagram will show you the most popular hashtags.

    Remember that you are on Instagram

    How people talk and express themselves on their Twitter page is different from how they do it on Facebook. The same goes for companies, every platform has a different tone, and identifying it and adapting your interaction with your audience to this tone is very important for successful marketing.

    What comes to mind when we think about Instagram? Carefree, relaxed attitude, something funny, something personal. People open Instagram and, for example, Facebook for different reasons and expect different content. Mastering the right tone can do a lot of good for your brand’s marketing efforts on the platform.

    Embrace emojis

    Don’t be afraid to spice your text up with emojis. Even the most serious brands do that, just look at the example of FedEx.

    Emojis catch the eye and they help to relax the reader’s attention while reading long paragraphs of text. They also add personality and relatability to your content, which Instagram is all about. Now all you have to do is to experiment with different content and see what best works for your audience.

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