UI and UX Trends We Need to Expect in 2020

    Design is present in almost every area of human life, and there is no monopoly in design. When there is such high competition between companies for customer’s attention, having a user-friendly and attractive design is just as important as functionality.

    It would be not fair to say that UI and UX designers are working only to satisfy the customer and provide the most comfortable experience possible, they are also changing the way we interact with technologies.

    What should we expect from UI and UX design in 2020? What will become popular? Is there something we need to know now? Let’s have a look at some of the trends that will most probably dominate the world of UI and UX design this year.

    Designer will also be a developer

    There are already instruments available that allow designers to work out their ideas without having to ask for developer’s help. But in 2020 their presence is most probably going to become much stronger. Actually, giving the person who initially had the idea the power to execute it makes a lot of sense because they know best how the end result should look like.

    More 3D

    3D design tools today are more than available and have powerful functionality never seen before. And we can expect to see more of 3d design online. So prepare yourselves for extra ultra-realistic models, textures, and effects.

    There are technologies that can make 3d models and animations on the website interactive, and that’s something that a regular person hasn’t seen a lot of. With growing accessibility and penetration of the high-speed internet, 3d designs and animations can be viewed from any place.


    It’s natural to crave simplicity after you have consumed tons of popping colors and color combinations, crazy fonts, video backgrounds, bright pictures, and animations. That’s true for a customer too. So in order to be noticed, one needs to stand outside the noise.

    Younger audiences, in particular, know what they want and don’t like to be distracted on the way of getting it, whether it’s a product or information. They ask for simple journeys and easy navigations.

     The ‘dark’ side

    After we have seen dark UI modes blowing up amongst many audiences, we have very little doubt that they are going to disappear any time soon. On the contrary, their popularity will probably grow even bigger.

    Together with that, we can expect Neumorphism to become a huge trend in 2020. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically when inner and outer shadows are used to create an illusion of extruded shapes. Neumorphism is great for creating minimalistic and soft-looking interfaces.

    UX designer will have multiple skills

    Versatility can be claimed as the keyword of our decade. We will most probably see a new generation of UX designers who will be qualified in multiple disciplines. Their skills may include animation, front-end development, understanding of marketing and psychology, etc. That will not only make them more effective in their work, but also help them express their ideas to other professionals easier which makes the overall communication smoother. And that’s important too.

    More complex tools

    Today a designer doesn’t have to understand coding to be able to create complex and interesting design solutions, thanks to the availability and simplicity of new tools with many complementary features.

    Collaboration over one design can become very popular in 2020. There are tools like Figma that allow teams to work, create, and test designs together from start to finish.

    Designers will start prioritizing web sites

    We are not sure whether pocket-sized gadgets will replace desktop computers by 2021, but one thing we can’t ignore is that almost everyone now uses at least one mobile device (at least most businesses’ potential customers). Among other things, we use smartphones for web browsing, and ignoring mobile experience cannot do any good to a business. In 2020, we can expect that developers and designers will focus more on creating mobile sites first to provide a flawless experience for mobile users.

    User experience design largely impacts the impression of your company. Will they want to continue to have business with you? Will they see you as someone relevant, or even trustworthy? And finally, will they be aesthetically pleased and have a positive experience while visiting your website? You might want to be careful while implementing new trends to your own website. Observe them, see what’s going to fit into your vision and aesthetics, what’s going to be noticed by your visitors, what’s going to improve their experience, and use that. Happy customers who are having a quality experience interacting with you through various channels are what’s going to fuel the growth of your business.

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