Use Power of SEO during Coronavirus Outbreak

    When in stress, people tend to hold on to their resources and are not really willing to invest in anything. During the crisis, we can hardly think about anything other than food and shelter. That’s just our psychology. So, the coronavirus outbreak is not only the problem for health care systems and governments; it has a huge impact on economics and businesses.

    Well, we now have two options: cry and moan about the economic crisis, or find ways to sustain our company. If you choose the second option, then keep on reading.

    A storm doesn’t last forever, and if you aren’t ready to give up on your business, there are still some things you can do to keep it going.

    During these challenging times, it’s especially important to remind your customers that you care about them. Use phrases like “we understand that…”, “we know that…”, or words like “care”, “valued”, “dear” to make customers feel like you are there for them. It is living human beings who are reading your posts, receiving your mail and comments; they have emotions, so show that you care about them. Is it the right moment for aggressive marketing? Most probably, not. But maybe now it’s the perfect moment for you to build trust of your customers and create an intimate connection with them showing that you are a friend.

    Your audience are real people, but aren’t you on the other side of the screen too? Expressing your authenticity and genuine emotions can hardly do any bad, especially during these times. For customers, it’s great to know that someone or a business in our case share their feelings. If you are doing charity or aiding the community in any other way, make sure that you mention that in your content; that will elevate the level of trust people have for your brand.

    Step up your branding game

    We mentioned SEO in the title, and you may be wondering what does SEO have to do with anything? Aren’t there more important things I should think about right now?

    Well, you might want to give it another chance.

    Maybe people could not care less about your product right now when they are frightened to lose their jobs or get sick. But there are still some ways that you can make sure that your brand is present in their lives.

    During the quarantine, the majority of the population isn’t leaving their house often. What does it mean? They are on their phones or PCs, they are online! They may be searching a lot for coronavirus-related information and safety measures.

    And you can adapt your content to appear in their searches. That’s where SEO comes into play. You can optimize your website in order to make it visible for people who are searching for certain trending topics, even when it’s the coronavirus. There are certain keywords that may appear the most in their searches. Although maybe using the virus just for the clout wouldn’t be a great idea, joking about it is also not really recommended, since it’s a very sensitive topic for many people.

    Put more focus on online presence

    People may not be able to come to your office or physical location, or even see your billboards. Well, it means that it’s the perfect moment to put more effort into building your online presence.

    Your potential customers will probably have plenty of time to read your emails or Instagram posts. A lot of people may start putting their time into research for a product or service they wanted to purchase for a while. That’s when they can come across your website! So you need to invest your time and energy into SEO practices that will make you visible. Build a strategy that will make sure that you will be noticed by the potential customers, and they will return back to you when the chaos is over.

    Keep ahead of the competition

    A crisis is also the time of opportunities. While some brands and companies may freeze and wait until everything calms down, Google is still working. People are still searching, and the platform is still ranking websites, so it’s the perfect moment for you to establish a competitive advantage.

    Put your efforts into SEO and copywriting to optimize your website for particular keywords to get better rankings, and by the time everything is over, you’ll find yourself in a more advantageous position.

    Show that you are an expert with engaging content

    People are spending their days locked inside their houses. That gives them a lot of free time for reading. So they will be looking for interesting content, and hopefully, it will be yours! You might want to do a keyword optimization for your content in order for it to be seen, but generally, you need to focus on creating engaging content that will show that you are an expert in your field.

    The coronavirus will continue to be the major topic for discussion, but people will still search and read about other stuff. And if they will like your content, find it useful, their opinion about your company will last after the outbreak. They will see you as an expert, as an authority.

    Gain from those who are ready to buy

    Even though we heard about the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, some people still have enough money to afford what they would normally do. Due to the quarantine, however, people have to find what they need within their local areas.

    By ignoring your local SEO, you are losing these potential customers. And if you will take it seriously, it may considerably benefit and help you sustain your business.

    Find new trends

    SEO specialists may find these times extremely interesting to observe and learn from. Even though the outbreak has had negative impacts, it also shows different sides of our behavior and personalities and reveals some interesting insights about people. People start to care about some things they didn’t care about in the past.

    Think about how shelves with specific types of products become empty in the first place. Maybe people still will want to buy a lot of canned goods even after the lockdowns? What if pickles will become a new trend?

    So, on one hand, it is the time of chaos and confusion, on the other hand, it’s the perfect time for learning and preparing yourself for future crises to come.

    It is a tough time for many of us; some people are afraid to lose jobs, some are running out of money, others face health problems. But we, humans, as a whole are living on. When the crisis ends, we still have to leave our beds and start our lives over.

    And, now, while others may be in doubt, it’s the perfect moment for you to utilize website SEO optimisation to grow your business.

    If you are looking for SEO specialists and professional help in optimizing your website, you can reach out to TOP.Studio, a digital agency that is adept at creating strong brand identities and digital marketing services. We will make sure that you will be noticed.

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