What to Do in Ecommerce in 2020

    People are choosing to buy online more and more often, and now there is almost every type of product available for sale. The number of online stores increases, the competition rises. Brands and stores are trying hard to attract and keep the attention of the customer as hard as they can.

    Some of the important factors of growth have remained unchanged, such as building strong marketing channels (emails and SMM), providing fast shipping, etc. But there are also some new game-changing inventions and strategies which can strongly improve client’s experience for your online marketplace and brand. Check out some of the key aspects and ideas for successful ecommerce business in 2020.

    Simplify the checkout

    Clients who shop online like it when things are simple and fast.

    So, knowing that, how can you address the issue of visitors adding products to their cart and not paying for them continuing the purchase? One of the ways you can do that is by implementing the personalized approach. Make sure that your website remembers your customers, and they wouldn’t have to type in their data once again.

    Another way to ensure that your clients are having a comfortable experience while using your website is adapting to their preferences. Which payment method they like using most? Different demographics prefer different methods: there are Apple Pay, credit cards, PayPal, and so on. Think about what your audiences would want to use, and make sure that you don’t ignore new potential customers.

    Think about ways to make your business sustainable

    2020 is the time when it’s too late not to think about ecology, at least that’s what major and most prominent activists are saying. Slogans and efforts to make our everyday lives, industries, and companies more sustainable resonate with people now more than ever. So you don’t want to miss out.

    Unsustainable fashion brands were and are not thriving, to say the least, in the last and this year. People are more aware of the impact of fast fashion on our planet than ever. Using synthetic materials, overproduction, having more than twelve seasons a year are the things people don’t want to support anymore when it comes to choosing between fashion brands. We don’t want to call names, but we all know which brands were under fire at least for the last couple of years. And sustainability is not only about fashion, but it’s also about making products that are going to last, including technologies, cars, and smartphones.

    Many brands switch to more eco-friendly packaging and production materials. So you can think about ways how you can make your business more sustainable and make your intentions clear to your audience.

    Be where your customers are

    Phone or door-to-door marketing are obviously losing their power. You want to connect with your audiences through the means and channels they are comfortable using. Today these are SMS, online chats and chatbots, social media, and emails.

    Now it is easier than ever to create ecommerce website, especially with the help of professionals who make sure that your platform is using the most relevant communication channels. But even when it comes to communicating with the audience, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to stay relevant and implement the latest technologies to make sure that your customers are having an exceptional experience.

    Create a Community

    How can you make a customer want to return to your website again for another purchase? Well, you can try doing that by creating a community where people can have a genuine and open conversation.

    Obviously, it should be built around your products or services or has them planned. It should be a space where your customers can interact with each other even after the transaction and maybe help each other choose and use your products and services.

    Such communities can thrive on content made by users and seriously increase the level of loyalty and trust towards your brand.

    Build and make use of your partnerships

    Building a community might not be an easy task if a business is early on the market. So in order to help create a following and attract potential customers many companies choose to build partnerships with other brands or retailers.

    For instance, you can collaborate on a new product or add each other’s ads on your platforms. Have a look at the result of collaboration between Jeni’s Ice Cream and Tyler the Creator.

    As you can see, partnerships can be made not only with other companies but influencers and personalities as well.

    B&M stores and pop-ups

    Technologies are evolving with astonishing speed. Today we have so many ways to communicate with customers and build interactive instruments for websites and online marketplaces that one may wonder, do we even need face-to-face customer experience and physical presence?

    Some companies and marketers insist on their importance and effectiveness for particular types of business. But working with customers in person doesn’t have to be only in a traditional way of stores. Businesses can also use in-person activations and events for promotion. Pop-ups and marketplace can be a particularly great way for small businesses to start their growth. Successful online shopping development takes a lot of tests and experiments. You can also learn from others, but without implementing different strategies to your own channels, maybe risking and seeing if they work for your type of business, you hardly will see any results.

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