Blockchain Can Help Get Marketers’ Trust Back

Right now, digital advertising doesn’t provide a lot of transparency over the effectiveness and results of its campaigns, and when the data is available you do not always know if you can trust it, given the fact that there are many ways to create fake engagement around a campaign.

 Some people believe that blockchain can change that. One of the reasons why blockchain is believed to be the future for advertising is that it allows capturing and storing data more safely and securely, thus avoid violating users’ trust.

Blockchain uses AI to identify and check suspicious entries providing strong protection against fraud. With blockchain, marketers can monitor the progress and results of their campaign based on verified information.

Companies like McDonald’s, Toyota, NYIAX are already using or tried using blockchain in one way or another.

So far, blockchain’s implementing area and  the usage of AI for digital marketing are limited. But with all the possibilities blockchain has to offer, we can expect growth in blockchain-based technology and increased popularity of using them.

Reliable data, user’s security, and protection against fraud sound like amazing advantages that worth the resources spent.

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