Example of Adidas: How to Use WhatsApp as a Marketing Channel

Example of Adidas: How to Use WhatsApp as a Marketing Channel

Adidas has been using WhatsApp as a way to reach out and connect to its customers for many years. Direct messaging, which is the main feature of WhatsApp, has been a way to win customers’ trust.  Today, Adidas sees it as the key platform for marketing globally.

They see the app as a possibility to create local communities and have a conversation with influencers and its customers in a way that doesn’t seem unnatural or money-driven.

One of the examples of how Adidas used WhatsApp as a marketing channel is a campaign called “100% Unfair Predator”.  Football players can ask a footballer sponsored by Adidas to join their game and fill the place of their teammate who couldn’t make it using WhatsApp.

The other example is that Adidas started to use the members of the communities it has built through WhatsApp and small influencers as salesmen, giving them a 6% profit. These selected people were the first ones to find out about the latest models and secret events.

The number of people actively using messengers is only increasing, and WhatsApp has higher open rates compared to emails. So the brands who understand how to work with the platform could benefit from it a lot.

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