Facebook Protects Users from Domain Name Scams

Facebook Protects Users from Domain Name Scams

You may have received one of those letters yourself:

Something seems quite off, well, it should because it’s a scam. They are using all the right colors and links that look very real, but if you look closer, you’ll see that the link goes “facbook.com”, and we don’t quite remember Facebook recently changing its official domain name to “facbook.com”.

There are many scam letters like this one sent every week. Criminals use them to get your private information: you go to the fake website that visually resembles Facebook, enter your data, and here you have it. Your password is in the hands of the scammers. Many people do, in fact, trust these emails and give away their private data.

At the beginning of March, Facebook took a new step to combat this kind of frauds. They filed a lawsuit against Namecheap for creating domain names that deceive people into thinking that they are officially affiliated with Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Facebook is fighting to protect its trademark and prevent the abuse of the trust of its users. Facebook filed lawsuits against OnlineNIC and other companies in the last year. Facebook hopes that the result of these suits will be the creation of legal precedent so that such actions in the future will be met with official penalties.

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