Google is developing a new Chatbot that can reach the level of a human in communication

Google is developing a new Chatbot that can reach the level of a human in communication

There are over 300,000 chatbots currently running on Facebook Messenger, but all of them do not work that way, the company would like. Initially, the launch of chatbots on Facebook was conceived as a successful project, as well as in the Chinese market. Although in the market of competitors such bots have more functionality.

It was said in the Facebook that chatbots should enter the masses before this happens, largely because users prefer to communicate with their friends. Also during the last week Google told about their plans of constructing pricipally upgraded system of chatbots, which will communicate with the real person at the same level and will acquire advanced features. The company noted that at the moment bots are far from perfect, one of their problem is providing answers completely out of context.

To solve this problem, Google plans to launch a new chatbot, which was named Meena. It will have 2.6 billion parameters to make a better connection with the user. In this way, conversations with the bot will be improved to be more concrete, meaningful. The new system will be able to record important moments of conversation with the user and will reach the level of a person.

Such innovations can become a real evolution in the use of bots, because if they become more interesting and can talk to a person on the same level. It is not yet planned to make the Meena model available to users as it requires a number of improvements. However, this may contribute to the significant development of the bot system, which will facilitate business development and digital marketing.

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