Half of Gen Y and Z Can’t Imagine Their Lives without Video Content

Half of Gen Y and Z Can’t Imagine Their Lives without Video Content

Video content on the Internet from both amateur and professional creators has become a part of everyday life for most of us. But it looks like Gen Y and Gen Z’s are most attached to YouTube and other video sharing and streaming platforms.

A recent survey by Google demonstrates how our watching habits are changing.

Most of the respondents said that the main reason why they watch videos is to relax. The second top reason was to get information, learn about something new. The other popular responses include making them laugh, learning more about interests, and inspiring them. The quality of production and having popular actors are becoming less relevant for new generations while choosing video content.

Google’s article also offers some interesting insights into content preferences for different generations. Gen Z’s are more likely to seek short video content which can partly explain the popularity of TikTok. Also, younger audiences are almost equally ready to watch professionally made content and user-generated content. Or more precisely, younger people are more inclined to prefer UGC.

These insights can be pretty handy when it comes to making video content for marketing. As you can see growing audiences are different from previous generations, and you should keep that in mind while making content that targets Gen Z, or even Gen Y.

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