How Coronavirus Can Affect Marketing in the Near Future

The outbreak of coronavirus shook the earth, and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. People travel less. Supply chains are affected. Does that mean less job to marketers?

Sellers are buying less ads on the internet-shopping giant Amazon which relies hugely on suppliers from China. Facebook cancels its annual developer conference . What’s next?

Some specialists don’t believe that coronavirus outbreak will have a serious negative effect on marketing. WARC predicts that advertising spend will increase by 7,1% to 660 billion dollars in 2020.   

Events like MWC Barcelona and F8 conference by Facebook have already been cancelled. It’s hard to tell whether the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and other major events will be impacted or not, and how, so there is a lot of room speculation.

But one thing we can be sure about is that their postponement or cancellation will have a huge economical impact on the advertising industry.

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