Instagram May Soon Introduce New ‘Mirror’ Stories Mode

Instagram is testing yet another update for its app. It will allow users to add various kaleidoscope-like filters to their visual content.

(The pictures are provided by Jane Manchun Wong).

The new ‘Mirror’ mode will allow adding sort of psychedelic effect for Stories content. At an early stage, there were a few layouts available some of them closely reminding kaleidoscope.

This could be another source of inspiration for creators and marketers who strive to bring unique and captivating content to life. This camera mode, if implemented and added to the app officially, could help in unleashing creative potential and make sure that your content stands out.

2020 has brought about some updates to Instagram such as ‘SloMo’ and ‘Due’ modes, possibilities of replying to Stories with GIF animation, the ability for users to see when they have been tagged in Stories and easily re-share them.

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