Instagram Shares New Updates on Its Measures to Keep Community Safe and Informed about Coronavirus

Instagram has already done some work in regards to keeping its users informed about the outbreak by bringing prompts and highlighting information from the trusted sources. Now here comes another line of additions by the platform on this front.

For some nations, the additional information from WHO and local authorities will appear right below the Stories.

Before that, the platform only brought up some links and information when users were searching for relevant terms. Now users will see it the moment they open the app. Although it’s quite obvious that many people could ignore this, but even the small number (in relation to the number of all Instagram users) of them do actually tap and check the info is still important.

The other thing is that Instagram starts to remove AR effects with the images or mentions of the coronavirus. Due to the fact that there have been people who died of the COVID-19, it is considered a sensitive topic by the platform, and “coronavirus-inspired” AR filters will be banned unless they were created in collaboration with official organizations. Another reason for banning those filters is that they may potentially cause the spread of misinformation about the virus.

To support hard-working medical workers who are having a lot on their plate during these challenging times, Instagram created new stickers to express  gratitude for their labor.

Maybe it’s not the most practically useful thing, but the effort is still very emotionally rewarding.

We can expect to hear more news from Instagram, as well as other social media platforms with the changes in the situation regarding the outbreak.

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