Instagram Shares Tips for Businesses That Seek to Stay Connected with Their Community through Stories

During the coronavirus pandemic, many brands find it hard to communicate with their audience as normal. This time is challenging both for businesses and their customers. Although, despite grief and many concerns that people might have, brands still need to maintain their online presence.

Instagram has recently shared a few important tips for effective communication through Stories during the outbreak in a video format.

Here is a quick overview:

  • show how your customers can support your brand ( there are business stickers that you can add to your Stories to make ways of supporting you visible and then save those to Highlights);
  • spread positivity and share uplifting updates from trusted sources and ways how you aid the community;
  • engage your audience in conversation by using question stickers as well as answering their questions;
  • inspire your community to be creative via challenges and  tag their friends by re-sharing your templates;

You can check Instagram’s full video here.

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