LinkedIn Created Playlists to Help You Boost Your Career

LinkedIn Created Playlists to Help You Boost Your Career

LinkedIn came up with something we didn’t know we needed. The platform launched a number of playlists available on Spotify that are aimed to serve as a soundtrack to the various career steps you might want to take.

Sometimes music does help to boost creativity and can be helpful even in writing, but here it is on a whole new level. What does preparing for your job interview and The Matrix have in common? Well, they both have cool soundtracks.

There are playlists for different occasions and states: ‘Interview Time’, ‘New Job. Fresh Start’, ‘Opportunity Knocks’, and others.

So if you feel a bit lost and out of touch while editing your LinkedIn profile, try using some of these playlists to inspire you or help you focus.

The music there includes songs by artists like Sia, Queen, Eminem, Lizzo, and many others.

If you are looking for some inspiration, absolutely go and check out their playlists.

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