LinkedIn Will Soon Launch Its Own Stories

It’s one of that unexpected news that not a lot of people saw coming. Recently, LinkedIn announced that they are testing Stories for their platform, and people are going to see it pretty soon.

Stories are a lightweight way of sharing current news and updates, it’s not demanding, it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on users because it’s not going to be there in your profile forever. So it looks like LinkedIn’s team seeks to add this sense of fun and lightheartedness to their platform.

At the moment, LinkedIn Stories are at the stage of internal testing, and there are no clear dates of launch available yet.

LinkedIn has already tried to implement Stories in 2018, it was a test, and the feature was available for university students.

This new format of interaction on LinkedIn may not be for everyone, but it sure provides great opportunities for sharing things like news about upcoming events and work tips.

One may think that it’s not very original to add the same feature to every platform, but Stories do speak to the younger audiences, and LinkedIn seems to want to follow the trend and create more a comfortable environment for younger people.

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