New Messaging Technologies Are Coming, And What’s Good about That to Your Business

Messaging has been around for more than two decades, and users are still actively using it. Messages, and SMS in particular, are attractive to advertisers because people tend to open them more and follow the links more often compared to email.

Many messaging apps today are more than just tools for socializing, they are actively used for business: bookings, money transfers, taxi services, etc.

A couple of years later in Japan, operators rolled out a service based on RCS, called +Message. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. RCS usage is quickly growing, which is partially due to a higher reported degree of security and data safety it has to offer compared to traditional OTT providers.

Consumers will be happy to use new RCS technologies to communicate with brands, but they want to remain control over their data and privacy. Also, it’s important for customers to keep personal and business/brand chats apart while using advanced messaging.

While companies and brands can benefit immensely from using RCS technologies, these services are still at their early stage. So it, probably, makes sense to start by giving direct special offers and creating personal interaction for advanced messaging users, and then build on from that. RCS is forecast to see a big future, which is not surprising, given its possibilities and a new level of data security for users.

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