Snapchat Brings Out Simple Tool for Creating AR Lenses

Snapchat Brings Out Simple Tool for Creating AR Lenses

AR Lenses have been successfully used for making campaigns more engaging by businesses on the platform. Now, Snapchat introduces Lens Web Builder that makes the creation process a whole lot easier.

Businesses can select from many premade animations, 3D objects, effects, etc. to create their own AR experience. You can both build from scratch, or use a template. Now the building process is a matter of a couple of minutes. Users do not need to pay extra to get access to the resource library, although AR ads campaign spending still must exceed the required minimum.

AR Lenses are seeing huge popularity on the platform, users are actively engaging or, we can go as far as to say,  playing with them which makes them a unique tool for marketing.

Who knows maybe AR Lens from your campaign will go viral? Well, you never know unless you try.

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