Snapchat Enjoys Increased Engagement, Shares Current Trends during Coronavirus Lockdowns

Snapchat has been seeing higher engagement recently due to the coronavirus lockdowns as people are seeking ways to entertain themselves and interact with the outside world.

Just recently, the app highlighted some current trends that it sees on its platform that can be useful for marketers during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • people are spending 50% more time calling (includes both video and voice calling feature of the app);
  • Snap Games are seeing highly increased engagement;
  • time people spend engaging with Lenses has increased by more than 25%;

People are sending a record number of Snaps, especially to their friends, and Group Chats have seen an increased engagement as well.

According to Snapchat, it sees more user interest in: cooking at home, food delivery, home goods and pet supplies shopping online, fitness, gaming, hobbies and crafts, and meditation.

This information could be handy both for retailers and brands in general who seek to operate successfully and grow during the pandemic.

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