The Idea of Monetization of IGTV Can Turn It into one of the Most Significant Instagram Tools

The Idea of Monetization of IGTV Can Turn It into one of the Most Significant Instagram Tools

IGTV hasn’t become an entertainment option, but Instagram developers may know how to make this tool more considerable for users.

In these screenshots, published by one of the Instagram experts Jane Manchun Wong, you may see that they are going to create a monetization function of IGTV.

In the description there was a small comment which said people can get money by putting small ads on their IGTV clips. To start monetizing your IGTV you need agree Monetization Policies.

The opportunity to earn real money could be a great bait for those who have already made some profit from YouTube or Facebook. Monetization of IGTV could become a new source of income for bloggers with a great number of subscribers and attract them and their audience in Instagram.

Of course, the truth is in details. As showed in the screenshots there will be some compliance criteria for this monetization program, but we don’t know what they are. One user of Twitter assumed that for taking part in it a person should have 10,000 followers and verified account.

This measure could help keep quality of content. But another probably even more important aspect is how IGTV will distribute the income from the advertisements.

You could think that Instagram will accept 55/45 split that is working for YouTube and Facebook. But why can’t Instagram give 40% to the author and keep the remaining 60% for the platform? This issue seems to be less important and they can’t change many things in Instagram which, as reported, earn $20 billion due to ads in 2019.

But this percentage can make a great difference to bloggers. If Facebook and daughter company Instagram are really eager for making IGTV more powerful they should think of revenue split in favour of the authors.

And if IGTV really begin to play more important role, the Instagram advertisers could use it to reach more subscribers.

Today we don’t have any insight, we get only several screenshots, but maybe we will find out more information about IGTV monetization in 6 weeks. Update: Instagram has confirmed that they are going to start IGTV monetization. The director Adam Mosseri clarified that IGTV is developing and they are looking to the next step.

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