Toy Manufacturers Are Collaborating with YouTubers

Now in the 21st century, we have a generation of people who grew up on YouTube instead of traditional TV which makes YouTube a hugely influential platform.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s article, there are more and more toy makers who want to partner with YouTube creators to produce toys and profit off of children’s interests.

For instance, Jazwares LLC will sell merchandise inspired by some popular YouTube channels with children as the main audience: Bippi, CKN Toys, and Cocomelon. Bippi has already some toys and merch available in stores.

In the future, we can expect YouTube to roll out some shopping features within the platform, using the experience and technologies of Google. We have already seen a step in that direction which is AR Try-on videos.

To conclude, the growing generations of customers are most likely to develop their attraction towards YouTube personalities over TV stars. And it may be important to remember while creating a marketing campaign targeting these audiences. 

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