Twitter Made List of Key Dates for April

Twitter Made List of Key Dates for April

Twitter shared a lineup of important dates and events for this month in order to help marketers in their effortsbuild their strategies and plans around relevant seasonal occasions. This is Twitter’s monthly ‘tradition’, but in April the list looks rather short. The listing usually includes sports events, celebrations, festivals, conferences, etc. The Coachella Festival that was supposed to take place this month was canceled. And sports fans are not going to enjoy NBA Playoffs.

Easter and Earth Day are still on the list, so even though on quarantine, we still may be able to enjoy those celebrations to so some extent. WWE Wrestlemania and Passover also are still going to take place. Pet owners may celebrate National Pet Day which can be used in relevant marketing campaigns.

Along with the calendar, Twitter shared a few quick tips on working from home which included having a routine, asking for feedback, and communicating everything more that you would do being physically in a workplace.

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