Twitter Shared Tips on How to Create Effective Tweet Copy

Twitter Business shared a set of quite simple tips on how to make your tweets more effective for your advertisement campaign. Twitter’s Joe Waddington talked through these tips in a short video.

Most of the tips are based on Twitter’s researches and findings. Of course, you need to try and see what works best for your audience yourself, but Twitter’s advice can sure be of great help. Let’s see what Twitter recommends:

  1. Don’t overuse CAPS. You might want to emphasize the urgency of your offer in some different way because caps are sometimes perceived as something almost rude, like shouting. You wouldn’t want to shout at your potential customers.
  2. Replace $ sign with %. Based on Twitter’s research, percentages in tweets works much more effectively and are more attractive than dollar signs.
  3. Website Card is the way to go. Website Card has a better visual impact than plain text and provide more clickable area than basic URL.
  4. Be careful with hashtags #areyousure?. In the example on the video, Joe got rid of all hashtags because they draw attention away from the link you want people to click. Tweets with no more than two hashtags are reported to add the most engagement.

The tweet looks more professional after this short “makeover”, and we can imagine that it is more effective for the advertising campaign.

So you might want to experiment with these tips and see what works for your audience, just keep your eye on those stats.

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