Twitter Will Rely More on Automation to Address Abusive Content and Disinformation about Coronavirus

Just like many other companies, Twitter is trying its best to eliminate the physical presence in the office and asks employees to work from home. That means more workload and human resource challenges.

So it’s no surprise that Twitter’s system has to undergo some changes. One of the main recent updates provided by Twitter was that the platform is going to rely more on automatic processes and machine learning to moderate potentially harmful content and content that seeks to manipulate opinions.

Twitter understands that automatic moderation cannot provide perfect results, so there will be no permanent suspensions based only on the judgment of the automatic systems. To humans, it means that Twitter will potentially flag more posts.

These measures may not be warmly welcomed by the platform’s users. But if the environment we are living right now requires so, and if it’s human health and safety that may be put at risk, then we have to show understanding and hope that the situation will resolve as soon as possible.

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