What Business Owners Still Do Not Know?

What Business Owners Still Do Not Know?

With the abbreviation SEO appearing on every corner of the internet, it may come as a surprise for you that a lot of business owners still don’t know what it means.

Fractl did a survey about how well people, including business owners, know the principles of marketing. They found out that there is still a considerable lack of knowledge when it comes to rankings and how they influence the business.

Some of the insights include:

  • more than 1 in 3 business owners don’t understand how Google rankings work;
  • more than 76% of respondents knew what SERP was;
  • about 11% of business owners believe that SEO is important for the success of their businesses;

The survey demonstrates that a rather considerable number of business owners lack basic knowledge in SEO, and that may affect the growth of their business and how their website appears in the search results.

You can see the full data in the infographic below or go to their website.

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