Who Are Using Ad-Blockers and Why?

Who Are Using Ad-Blockers and Why?

The introduction of the ad-blockers and their active use changed how marketers connect with their audience. Ad-blockers give users much bigger control over what advertisements they are exposed to.

Here are a few things you need to know about ad-blocker users that can help you manage your marketing more efficiently.

Ad-blockers get the importance of ads for free internet, or, to be more precise, 80% of them do, according to YouGov. So they do not hate ads per se. But they don’t have enough patience and don’t want to ruin their experience by intrusive ads.

Ad-blockers are 80% more likely to use online shopping services than average users, they have a higher than average salary, usually have education, and understand technology. And when using the Internet, they know what they want and don’t like to be distracted. Although ad-blockers don’t mind the presence of ads as long as they are organic to the content and relevant for those users

To sum up, the ad-blocker users are a challenging audience, but the one that needs to be addressed and finding ways and methods to attract them and bring their attention to the ads can be changing for the whole marketing industry.

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