Zoom Will Focus More on Privacy and Security after Significant MAU Growth

Zoom Will Focus More on Privacy and Security after Significant MAU Growth

Zoom has become extremely popular these days which is probably connected to the coronavirus lockdowns. Many offices are transferring to the online space, and that’s where the tool can be of great use especially for online meetings. But Zoom is also used by famous people and their fans, teachers and their students, communities, families, groups of friends, basically, almost everyone seeking for ways to communicate with others aside from messaging.

Zoom was reportedly the most popular business app for iOS in more than 140 countries in the previous month. According to Zoom, 10 million daily active users in December turned into some impressive 200 million monthly active users now.

The tool may have become so popular due to its simplicity and user-friendliness, although the system has some flaws. The FBI has warned about possible privacy risks associated with the use of the platform.

Recently Zoom openly acknowledged these cases and announced that it plans to take measures in order to protect user’s privacy. Another problem with the app was that there was a possibility of uninvited strangers joining the users’ conversations who would spam and offend other users. To help users address the issue, the platform shared a post outlining preventive measures. 

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